Sunday, June 28, 2015

Preview: Until the End of the Sun

"A curious thing to see...the land destroy itself rather than have you set foot upon it."


  1. Until the Edge has a kind of etched quality, as does anew other images from Toraidhe. Hard dark lines around objects and figures. I'm wondering if there's a name to this type of stylization. By the way, I think you should incorporate Madalena Diana Ghenea in some of these as soon as possible. Hey, I'm applying for Photo Editor at Lucas, maybe I'll see you in the hallways one day. And I'm miserable that the museum will be in Chicago.
    Andre Hunt. Catch my short noir on YouTube, Bum Rap - A Noir Fantasy.

  2. There's a Fortune magazine issue from the forties...a special double issue on New York. It has a marvelous section of color illustrations from Robert Riggs. Police images, and Coney Island. I think you'd love it.